Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

AMC (Service Within 4 Hours) No one can understand the value of time as much as you. Each time your PC or internal network fails, you lose precious man-hours, valuable client’s goodwill and loss of business. Why?… .Possibly because your existing maintenance service provider isn’t fast enough to service your needs. Worse, he isn’t competent, so what do you do? Relax….. help is just a click away.
We specialize ourselves and have 100% solution for all the problems faced by users, Service within 4 working hours.
We have a Rapid Action Force of more than 10 highly trained and qualified service engineers placed all across Delhi NCR. They are easily & quickly available to help you with your PC or network problems.


Back-up for your PC
Your work shouldn’t come to a halt while your PC is getting repaired. That’s why we will provide you with a back-up PC service, that no other annual service provider offers.

Speedy networks
your intranet is the backbone of your business. Faulty or slow configurations can affect the efficiency with which you use your network of computers. With over 1000 man-hours so far spent by us on providing networking solutions, we are among the few solutions company to help you attain unbelievable speeds from your network.

Data Recovery & Backup

Free IT updates
What’s new and what’s in? Find out all you need to know about the IT industry and the latest technologies to get you the competitive edge. Get a free subscription to the RRS Technologies Times a bi-monthly e-magazine.

Annual IT Consultancy
We understand that your company needs a partner who is not nearly a box pusher but understands two things. 1. The latest technology launches & new product. 2. How to deploy these new technologies & products at your site, so that it results in savings of time, money, manpower & space, and we promise to provide you these services free of cost for one whole year.

Computer Repair

RRS Technologies offers two types of services to all their AMC clients

• Comprehensive AMC
• Non-comprehensive AMC