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What Is a Wireless Network?: The Basics

What Is a Wireless Network?: Five Questions to Start With What is a wireless network? How is it different from a wired network? And what are the business benefits of a wireless network? The following overview answers basic questions such as What is a wireless network?, so you can decide if one is right for […]

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Five Reasons to Go Wireless

Every minute counts in a small company and wireless networks are a powerful tool for boosting productivity and encouraging information sharing. With untethered access to documents, emails, applications and other network resources, employees can roam where they need to and have constant access to the tools required to do their jobs. Here are some of […]

The Benefits of Network Attached Storage (NAS)

SMALL- AND MEDIUM-SIZED BUSINESSES CAN BENEFIT GREATLY FROM NAS, HERE’S HOW A network attached storage (NAS) server is a computing device that can be attached anywhere on your network, independent of network and application servers, to store files and make them available to authorized users. A NAS server has its own IP address, so it can be accessed by […]


What is a Firewall & Why do you need it?

According to a study by NCSA Cyber Security, only 4% of Americans say they understand firewalls “completely”, while more than 44% don’t understand firewalls at all – or know if they have one enabled on their PC. So for those of you who feel a little unsure – below is a brief overview of why […]