IBM System X Servers

Efficient, integrated, and powerful

Today’s IT landscape for midsize businesses is evolving rapidly and new measures of performance requires faster service delivery, with higher quality and superior economics. IBM’s flexible technology lowers your risk and costs through a data center consolidation to a more efficient infrastructure that lets you scale up and out as needed to grow your business.
IBM offers an entire range of powerful and innovative servers. IBM System x, IBM BladeCenter, and IBM Power Systems are three products with a family of offerings designed for small and medium businesses. An integrated approach to the design and testing of IBM servers ensures midsize businesses can rely on the higher quality of service needed for a cost and energy efficient IT infrastructure.
IBM System x is our most popular small business server and is easy to install and affordable. IBM BladeCenter servers allow customers to reduce complexity, improve systems management, and increase energy efficiency while driving down total cost of ownership. IBM Power Systems acts as a single, energy efficient and easy-to-deploy platform for all of your UNIX, Linux and IBM i applications.

Blade servers provide an ideal platform for network and server virtualisation and consolidation. With their modular design optimised for efficient use of physical space and energy, blade servers can support extraordinary performance while reducing your ongoing costs.

  • IBM® BladeCenter® is an ideal platform for server and network virtualisation and consolidation:
  • A BladeCenter solution can be managed from a single point for physical and virtual resources to help save administration costs.
  • 2002-era blades can run in today’s chassis, and most of today’s blades can run in 2002-era chassis1 —for the ultimate in investment protection.
  • A BladeCenter solution can eliminate up to 92 percent of all networking cables required by 1U rack-optimised servers.2
  • A BladeCenter solution can reduce your floor space demands by more than half.3
  • BladeCenter uses a shared power and cooling infrastructure in the chassis to support extraordinary energy efficiency.

IBM System x towers allow for easy deployment and management designed for limited IT experience. You can trust their 24/7 dependability and business-level security. Our portfolio provides a range of tower selections for businesses.
You need to make the right choices with the limited IT budget you have. You want to keep your costs low but you need to invest wisely on the IT purchases you make today that will power your business tomorrow. You need servers that offer business-class performance and technology that can grow to meet the future needs of your small office.

Performance rack servers from IBM® System x provide the trusted reliability that keeps your critical applications running.
Emerging businesses demand flexible, expandable IT technology. You need the power, performance and low cost on energy to meet your business goals but without the initial cost of some enterprise servers. IBM value rack servers offer flexibility in your IT environment with comparable capacity to some larger servers but at a much lower cost.