Quick Heal AntiVirus for Server

Optimized Antivirus Scanning. Low on Resources. Strong on Technology.
Heavy duty performer with exceptional speed and robust web security. Best antivirus protection for large corporate servers with massive loads. Detects viruses before they infect the system. Blocks transfer of data between the server and external drives. Powerful spam filter identifies and separates junk and unwanted emails.

Quick Heal AntiVirus for Server

Features :-

Optimized Virus Scan Engine :-
Strong server antivirus protection detects viruses before the system is infected. It is light on server resources resulting in faster performance.

Virus Protection :-
This complete server antivirus protection prevents malware attacks on your server by continuously monitoring and blocking virus infection.

Data Theft Protection :-
Data on server is valuable and often vulnerable to theft. This network security feature blocks access to removable drives such as USB drives, Pen Drives, and memory cards thereby blocking transfer of data between the server and the external drives.

AntiSpam :-
The powerful spam filter engine filters junk and identifies unwanted emails as Spam.

Email Protection :-
Because email is most widely used for communication, newer viruses use email as a medium to spread. The Email Protection feature has been redesigned to provide an effective counter measure against malware threats to servers. This ensures company security policies for all incoming and outgoing emails are not breached.

Browsing Protection :-
This web security feature enables you to monitor and filter all virus-infected web traffic securing your online work environment. It is browser independent and has little impact on browsing speed.

Phishing Protection :-
Phishing websites attempt to steal your valuable information such as banks details, user name and password, and personal information. This feature provides complete security against any phishing and fraudulent attempts.

USB Drive Protection :-
The autorun feature of removable devices is one of the ways through which malware is spread. This feature secures removable devices such as USB drives, Pen Drives, and memory cards and prevents spread of infection through autorun malware for better IT security management.

Firewall Protection :-
This network security works silently in the background and shields network activity from malicious attacks ensuring elimination of malware before they can reach the system.

Autorun Protection :-
Blocks Autorun malwares from entering the server by disabling the Autorun feature of the server thus ensuring network security.

AntiSpyware, AntiMalware, and AntiRootkit :-
Comprehensive server antivirus protection against spyware, malware, and rootkits.